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How to Make A Custom Hawke Codex

Ever wanted to make that Hawke codex a little more personal? If you have a page-long backstory of your own, it’s very easy to add it in-game. This mod is extremely simple and a great first step into modding Dragon Age II.

1) Find the file “plt_cod_cha_player”. It is located in the “designerresources” rim, which must be extracted from Dragon Age II\packages\core\data.

2) Open the file in the Toolset.

3) Open the node 13300.

4) Open node 0.

5) Find the line labeled 13303.

6) Double-click the string “6180822”.

7) Edit the string to have a colon “:” followed by your desired text. You can use "< br >" (without spaces) to add line breaks in your codex. The field should now look something like this: “6180822:Your text here.< br >< br >Using breaks for new paragraphs.”

Super easy!

Remember to save off before you quit, and ensure your file is in the override folder to see it take effect.